2018 BBQ Teams

85 Teams Enter. Only a few remain. Who will reign supreme as Grand Champion?

Hogs For The Cause is a sweet, savory blend of all the things that are amazing in life: music, an incredible cause, family & friends.  Oh, and the most delicious (and often over-the-top!) pork dishes on Earth.  

This year, 85 teams have entered to compete across multiple categories: Ribs, Whole Hog, Pork Shoulder, and Porkpourri.  Plus, the addition of Bacon Night brings a whole new level of scrumptious madness to the competition with a Friday night winner being crowned the Bacon King (or Queen)!

Bring your stretchy pants & come pig out…

(Hot Tip: While it’s rude to judge others, it’s AWESOME to judge barbecue! Just purchase a Judge’s Pass and help choose a winning team!)

Meet the Teams…

Fleur de Que
The Boar’s Nest
Fox Bros Bar-B-Q
Mr. Pigglesworth
Deuce Pigalow Pork Gigolo
March of the Pigs
Frey Smoked Meat Co
Blue Oak BBQ
Piggy Stardust
Pig Latin
Hog Dat Nation
Captain Porkenheimer
Swine and Dine
Swine Krewe
Silence of Da Hams
Company Burger
Messi Swine
Aporkalypse Now
Ubon’s BBQ of Yazoo
Gootee Que
MS Bacon Association
DeSwine Intervention
The Pig Lebowski
The Presumptuous Pigs
Central City BBQ
Stand Up And Snout
Pig Slayer
Born to Grill
Wet Wet
Dudley DeBosier Pit Masters
Famous on #instaham
The Barbacoa Brotherhood
Sweet Swine O Mine
Magnum PIG
Druids BBQ
Mr. Pig Stuff
Lard and in Charge
The Mansura Candidate
Notorious PIG
Swine Spectators
Mazant National
Beers Fly When Pigs Die
The Porkyard
Smokey & The Bacon
Hair of the Hog
Irish Brew BBQ
Swig & Swine
Rugaroux Q
Moe’s Original Bar B Que
Smokey Ridge BBQ
Swinel Richie
Pork Funk All Stars
Chew Forks Farms
Fat Harry’s Fat Backs
Crazy Jeff’s BBQ Bungalow
Reel Smokin
Sport Porkin’
Tailgate Tigers
Engineered Pork
Swine with Swagger
Pork City BBQ
New Orleans Harley Davidson
Refined Smoke
Pigzani & Hogsociates
6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Smoke Dem if You Got Dem
Dustin Braud State Farm
Porky’s Revenge
Pork Fiction
Make Pork Great Again
David HasselHogs
Swines & Steins