Our Mission

Provide assistance to families with children battling brain cancer by engaging the community through barbecue culture.

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$3.6 M

to hospital programs and other public charities

$1.9 M

direct grants to families battling pediatric brain cancer across the country


families helped across
the coutry

Expanding Our Impact

Hogs has expanded its impact and is providing fundraising opportunities throughout the US. We work with hospitals nationwide to create partnerships, funds and housing to mitigate financial burdens for all pediatric cancer diagnoses.

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The Festival

In 12 years, Hogs for the Cause has grown from one pig helping one family to one of the most highly acclaimed barbecue and music festivals in the country with over 30K people in attendance. The funds from our two-day music festival and barbecue competition, combining over 20 bands and over 90 competing barbecue teams, allow the organization to help thousands of families through direct grants and funding programming at children’s hospitals across the United States.

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