90 Teams Enter. Only a few remain. Who will reign supreme as Grand Champion?

Hogs For The Cause is a sweet, savory blend of all the things that are amazing in life: music, an incredible cause, family & friends.  Oh, and the most delicious (and often over-the-top!) pork dishes on Earth.  

This year, 90 teams have entered to compete across multiple categories: Ribs, Whole Hog, Pork Shoulder, and Porkpourri.  Plus, the addition of Bacon Night brings a whole new level of scrumptious madness to the competition with a Friday night winner being crowned the Bacon King (or Queen)!

Bring your stretchy pants & come pig out…

(Hot Tip: While it’s rude to judge others, it’s AWESOME to judge barbecue! Just purchase a Judge’s Pass and help choose a winning team!)

Team Announcement Coming Soon!

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