Get a personalized brick

Built with bricks and barbecue.


Our second Hogs House at Our Lady of the Lake Baton Rouge is opening soon! For a limited time, you can be memorialized by receiving a personalized brick at the Hogs House. Once you hit $2,000 raised in your Rallybound fundraising campaign, you automatically qualify for a brick.

Our Lady Of The Lake Brick Qualifiers

Brandon and Taylor PearceBark and Bite Barbeque
Matt & Jenn ArrighiBark and Bite Barbeque
Lynda & Andrew PecueBark and Bite Barbeque
The Shed BBQCarnivore Carnival
3 Taxi GuysCarnivore Carnival
Ches GordonChew Forks Farms
Kyle GordonChew Forks Farms
Matt GordonChew Forks Farms
Chris & Jennifer VicknairChits & Piggles
Kevin JohnsonCrescent City Couyons
Ralph MylieDavid Hasselhogs
Riley ColemanDirty D & The Thunder Pigs
Sam ScofieldDirty D & The Thunder Pigs
Chris & Kristin SmithFleur De Que
Minor PipesFleur De Que
Robby MossFleur De Que
Cole HerringtonFleur De Que
Ross ChauvinFleur De Que
Sam ZurikFleur De Que
Drew HerringtonFleur De Que
Michael SlattenFleur De Que
Ben KerberFleur De Que
Eric HoffmanFleur De Que
Brad GottsegenFleur De Que
Nauman ThomasFleur De Que
Robert LaurentFleur De Que
Britt MaggioFleur De Que
Meredith FullerFleur De Que
Byron MoutonFleur De Que
Kyle SharbonnoGootee Que
Zandy RainoldHogs Board
Rene LouapreHogs Board
Becker HallHogs Board
The Authement FamilyHogwatch
Byron BarriosHogwatch
Chris CombsHogwatch
Matthew CrumhornHogwatch
James WagnerHogwatch
Andrew JoyceHogwatch
Gavin JobeHogwatch
Brandon MullerHogwatch
Nick CascioHogwatch
Bruce BarkerdingHogwatch
Brad LeBertHogwatch
Cody CurrierHogwatch
Dustin VincentHogwatch
Mark MalkemusHogwatch
Sammy PaniceHouse of Hogs
Ken RossIrish Brew BBQ
Mike FinneyIrish Brew BBQ
Richard HarrisIrish Brew BBQ
Buster FinneyIrish Brew BBQ
Wade YeomansIrish Brew BBQ
Dink McCoyIrish Brew BBQ
James ReesLast Mr. Pigg
John Alden PattonLast Mr. Pigg
Daniel MerryMarch Of The Pigs
Ben JohnsonMississippi Bacon Association
Hoodoo Brown BBQMorten Andersen’s Mullets
Jordan WrightMorten Andersen’s Mullets
Corey FalconPig Latin
BJ CrookshankPig Latin
Jeff GreenPiggy Stardust
Corey FitzpatrickPiggy Stardust
Bill BayhiPorkchopitoulas
Kyle MayPorktoberfest
Nick CormierPorktoberfest
Matthew BreauxPorktoberfest
Avarie Grace ClarkQue Dat
Jude TaullieSir Pork-A-Lot
Stephen ThibodeauxSmoke Show Cook Squad
Jackson MurrellSport Porkin’
Melissa MaiaSweet Swine O’ Mine
Andy DelaporteSwine Krewe
David AmossTeam Stabbin
Brandon ShearmanThe Hogfather
Austin HightThe Hogfather
Corey MurphyThe Hogfather
Mike DonelonThe Hogfather
Duffy FamilyW&L Alumni

What’s a Hogs House anyway?

Hogs Houses are the culmination of your continued fundraising efforts.  These multi-million dollar homes provide free housing to children receiving on-going treatment at children’s hospitals.  Each house includes multiple suites, family lounges, a fully furnished kitchen, laundry rooms, and plenty of fun decorations and entertainment.

Hogs House Baton Rouge

We need your help committing $4,000,000 to Baton Rouge for grants and to develop a residence in partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge. Learn more below.

Want to contribute?

We need your support to hit our pledge to Baton Rouge.

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Hogs Houses Impact

Our first Hogs House was built in New Orleans in 2018 and has since made an incredible impact on the community. See the report below!

Want to help bring a Hogs House to your city?