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Hogs for the Cause Expands Fundraising Efforts


Hogs for the Cause has announced its plan to partner with Our Lady of the Lake to build the Hogs for the Cause Family Residence on its Children’s Hospital campus in Baton Rouge and has committed $2.25 Million toward construction costs. 

Hogs for the Cause has announced its plan to partner with Our Lady of the Lake to build the Hogs for the Cause Family Residence on its Children’s Hospital campus in Baton Rouge and has committed $2.25 Million toward construction costs. The Hogs Family Residence will serve as on-campus housing for families across Louisiana and the region who have a child receiving ongoing healthcare treatment at the children’s hospital.

“We have broadened our mission to include building Hogs Family Residences, a place for the most critical patients and their families to stay,” said Becker Hall, co-founder and chief executive officer of Hogs for the Cause. “This second Hogs Family Residence will serve as a model for future houses in cities across the country.” The first Hogs Family Residence was built in New Orleans in 2017. In addition to building Hogs Family Residences and the main stage event held in New Orleans each year, Hogs for the Cause is launching a community fundraising effort to take place around the country.
“Every family of every child treated at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital will have the opportunity to benefit from The Hogs Family Residence, regardless of the type of medical condition that has brought the child to our hospital.” said Dr. Trey Dunbar, president of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health. “It’s so important that we support all our families. The support this house brings goes beyond improving the lives of families of children with medical needs, it improves our patient’s healing environment”.

“One can only imagine the stress a family faces when they are dealing with a serious health issue affecting a child,” said Dr. Lori A. McBride, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. “Having a Hogs Family Residence on campus will bring a positive and calming experience to help our patients’ families keep their focus where it should be—on their child’s recovery.”

“Pediatric brain cancer is now the leading terminal cancer in children,” said Hall. “While Hogs for the Cause exists to fill the void between what families can afford and what insurance provides, the need is growing. Our new goal is to expand our fundraising campaigns to communities across the country, allowing money raised in each community to stay in that community.” Hogs for the Cause 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing Hogs to sacrifice a significant portion of its annual funding. 

Hogs for the Cause, which began as a pig roast with a few friends hoping to raise money for a young boy with pediatric brain cancer in 2009, has grown into one of the most highly acclaimed barbeque competitions and music festivals in the country. The funds from the festival allow the organization to help thousands of families through direct grants and funding programming at children’s hospitals. Since its inception, the organization has made grants totaling $1.52 Million in direct grants to families battling pediatric brain cancer and $2.2 Million to hospital programs and other public charities. While the main event was canceled in March 2020, Hogs for the Cause was honored to be able to continue to make contributions to families in need and distributed $528,000 in grants during fiscal year 2020.

Hogs is launching a peer-to-peer socially driven community fundraising platform that will serve the organization well through social media outlets. Fundraising for any size campaign can be done through a variety of social media promotions, and potentially will incorporate events and activities from backyard barbeques, pop up dinners, and service nights at restaurants. Corporate matching programs will also be a part of the plan. Hogs will provide support in setting up these campaigns and assure that money raised stays local. More information about Hogs for the Cause community fundraising is available at

As part of this new fundraising initiative, Hogs has created a rewards program to show its appreciation for community fundraising efforts and has partnered with brands such as Big Green Egg, Yeti, and Sparkle City to provide the rewards to fundraisers as they achieve their goals. The top two fundraisers will have an opportunity to initiate a second round of fundraising. The group raising the most money overall will be awarded a backyard barbeque hosted by Hogs and a local, James Beard award-winning chef and BBQ pitmaster. 

For more information about Hogs for the Cause and its events, fundraising, grants and charitable contributions, visit For information about Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, visit

Hogs for the Cause is a 501c(3) organization that unites barbecue culture nationwide to provide aid to families while their child is being treated for pediatric brain cancer. Year-round efforts culminate in an annual two-day music festival and barbecue competition, combining over 20 contemporary bands with over 90 competing barbecue teams. Currently, Hogs for the Cause operates as the premier funding source for the cause and has given over 1,000 direct grants to families in need and has made financial contributions to children’s hospitals in Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Atlanta.  

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Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is a collaborative, coordinated and child-focused statewide health network that provides patients with more access to physicians and providers specifically trained to care for children. The network includes hospital-based services at the main campus of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, as well as St. Francis Pediatrics in Monroe and Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s and Children’s in Lafayette. It also connects pediatricians, pediatric specialists and other health providers across our state with clinics in the Baton Rouge region, Hammond, Lafayette and Monroe. This model of coordinated pediatric healthcare extends the vital work happening at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital into more communities across Louisiana so families have greater access to expertise close to home.