Sorority vs Fraternity Competition

Help us do good in Baton Rouge.

Calling all fraternities and sororities! Show us what you got. Help raise money for the Hogs Family Residence – a house that is to be built on OLOL Children’s Hospital’s campus that will offer a free place for families to stay while their child is receiving treatment at the hospital.  Check it out:

Win big for your efforts

We know you’ll do great no matter what, but this is a competition so we’re going to sweeten the pot:


Win a Ski Trip!

Two ways to win:

  1. The sorority or fraternity that raises the most money will be gifted FIVE free ski trip tickets for the upcoming ski trip! (a minimum of $17,500 across the organization needs to be raised to qualify)

  1. Five individuals who raise the most money outside of the winning fraternity or sorority will be gifted a free ski trip ticket for this upcoming trip! (a minimum of $3,500 per individual needs to be raised to qualify)


Sparkle City Gift Cards, Yeti Ice Chests and More!

Every individual fundraiser is eligible to win some awesome prizes. Please note that only individuals can receive rewards, and only one per campaign can be redeemed. We hope you enjoy your reward and continue to support our cause.


Two, 2-day General Admission Tickets to Hogs Festival



Two, 2-day General Admission Tickets to Hogs Festival



Two, 2-day General Admission Tickets to Hogs Festival



Six, 2-day General Admission Tickets to Hogs Festival


How it works

  • Each Sorority and Fraternity can choose a 24 hour period they wish to fundraise as an organization. 
  • This can be any day you choose, so long as all fundraising is finished by November 6th.
  • On their chosen day, your organization hits the ground running and starts fundraising across social media.
  • After your 24 hour fundraising period is up, take a well-deserved break. You made a difference in your community!
  • Following the November 6th deadline, we will tally up all the amounts to see who our winners are and reach out to the winning organizations and individuals.
  • Each organization must submit a check totaling their fundraised amount to Hogs to qualify for the rewards. We will coordinate with you directly to make it easy 🙂

Sign up to Fundraise:

Each fundraiser is required to set up a personal fundraising account under their Fraternity or Sorority’s fundraising page on Hogs for the Cause’ website. (This way Hogs can track your fundraising and issue you your REWARD!)

TWO Fundraising Methods

These methods can be used in conjunction with one another or separately, but for reward tracking purposes, each fundraiser is required to set up a page on the Hogs for the Cause Fundraising website. 

1. Instagram/Social media using your Personal VENMO account to accept contributions: 

  • You will be supplied with content (pre-approved images, copy, etc.) from your philanthropy chair to be used to promote your fundraising campaign. 
  • You will ask that donors send their contributions to your personal Venmo handle and at the end of the 24-hour period, you will contact your philanthropy chair and provide the exact amount you fundraised and transfer said amount to the philanthropy chair for safe keeping. 
  • Philanthropy chair will keep an accounting of each individuals fundraising amount so that Hogs can issue out the appropriate rewards to the individuals and overall credit to the organization. 

2. Directly on the Hogs fundraising page

  • Set up a personal account under your organization’s fundraising page. This way we can assign you credit for your fundraising $, and issue you your earned rewards
  • If you choose to fundraise through this method as well (which would ultimately broaden your fundraising capacity) you can use our Template Emails to directly email your contacts and ask for donations. You can also share your page to social media and add a personal message asking your friends, family and followers to donate to your campaign. 

Ready? Set. Let’s go!