What is “Piggies For The Cause”?

It is a community-wide, fundraising initiative designed as a crash course in successful fundraising, which educates kids on the importance of giving back to their communities, particularly children in need. These learned skills will be translatable to their future entrepreneurial endeavors.

All proceeds raised by Piggies for the Cause go directly to funding the Hogs House to be built in Baton Rouge.

What is Hogs For The Cause?

Hogs for the Cause (“Hogs”) is the national leading provider of outreach services for pediatric brain cancer in the United States.

Hogs gives the most money directly to families who have children diagnosed with brain cancer in the entire U.S.

What is a “Hogs House”?

A Hogs House is a free place for families to stay while their child receives treatment at the hospital.

The Hogs House at OLOL Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge will consist of 12 family suites and be located on the hospital’s campus, which means the families are never more than a few minutes away from their child.

Why Should Children Participate?

Philanthropic Aspects

Educate children on the importance of giving back Positively impact the lives of other children Realize how fortunate it is to be healthy

Business Training



Responsibility & Organization

Local Impact

Support the community

Spreading awareness

Help Fund the Hogs House


Give Back To Their Community

Understanding of Business

Build Confidence

Awards Event

Ultimate field day for family and friends

A celebration of the little piggies fundraising efforts


It’s the ultimate field day for kids of all ages!

When: Sunday, April 14th
Where: Pointe-Marie
Address: 14200 River Road, BR LA 70820
Time: TBD


Coming Soon


September 2023 – Team Captains create Rallybound Page
October/Halloween 2023 – Captains ask people to join your team
November 2023 – Training Day and Launch Fundraising Endeavors
December 2023 – Hogs House Tour with Santa
January to April 2024 – Prime Fundraising Season
April 7, 2024 @ Midnight – Deadline to Fundraise
Sunday, April 14, 2024 – Awards Event