2023 Festival Recap

Catch 2023 Highlights here and See You in 2024!

Hogs for the Cause XV took place on March 31 and April 1 at UNO Lakefront Arena Festival Grounds. With beautiful weather, intense fundraising, record-breaking crowds, and an amazing line-up of musical talent, the organizers are proud to announce the names of the Children’s Hospital New Orleans Grand Champion, category winners, and top fundraisers for the 2023 Ben Sarrat, Jr. Cook-Off.

“We broke the scale this year,” said Becker Hall, CEO & Co-Founder of Hogs for the Cause. “The amount of good that can be done with these funds is astonishing and humbling. We are so thankful for our teams, attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and families. Together, we have hit another high with $3.6 Million raised by our amazing teams.”

The 15th Annual Ben Sarrat, Jr. Cook-Off featured 90 teams this year. The BBQ competitors vied for the title of Children’s Hospital New Orleans Grand Champion, along with champions in the categories of Whole Hog, Ribs, Pork Butt/Shoulder, and Porkpourri (anything pork) divisions. There are also awards for Best Sauce, Blue Plate Mayonnaise Best Side, Irpino Avin Hawkins Best Bacon, “Just Winging It” presented by Tabasco, Louisiana Tourism Fan Favorite, Best Friday Night Party, Best Booth, Best Social Media, and Fundraising Champion.

“The teams this year brought it, from the food in the yard to the money raised,” said Rene Louapre, COO & Co-Founder of Hogs for the Cause. “We are so proud to celebrate 15 years of Hogs, and this year just proves that the work we are here to do has no end in sight; the fundraising continues to astound us, and it provides for so many families.”  

Each Year, Hogs for the Cause inducts individuals into its Hog of Fame. This award represents continued dedication and service to the Hogs organization. This year’s Hog of Fame inductees are Lee LaFleur (Swine Spectators), Sarena Teng (Pig Latin), Sam Panice (House of Hogs), Mike Finney (Irish Brew BBQ), David Flexer and Libby Fein (Hogs staff members).

Children’s Hospital New Orleans High on the Hog winners are:

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Grand Champion: Hog Addiction

Whole Hog: Squeal Team Six

Ribs: Pork Funk All Stars

Pork Butt/Shoulder: Trailer Pork Boys

Porkpourri: Hog Addiction

Best Sauce: All Hail the Curly Tail

Blue Plate Mayonnaise Best Side: Smokey & The Bacon

Irpino Avin Hawkins Best Bacon: Hoggystyle

Just Winging It presented by Tabasco: Captain Porkenheimer

Fan Favorite: Mr. Pigglesworth

Friday Night Party: The Boar’s Nest

Best Booth: House of Hogs

Best Social Media: Pork Hub

Fundraising Champion: Fleur De Que

Fundraising Champion 
Fleur de Que; over $500K

Second Place Fundraising
Morten Anderson’s Mullets; over $350K

Third Place Fundraising
Hogwatch; over $300K

Online Fundraising Champion
The Boar’s Nest; over $300K

Teams over $150K

​• Mr. Pig Stuff

​• March of the Pigs

Teams over $100K

​• River Pork Pilots

​• Swine & Dine

​• Piggystardust

Teams over $70K

​• Mr. Pigglesworth

Teams over $60K

​• The Hogfather

​• Swine Krewe

Teams over $50K

​• The Pig Easy

​• House of Hogs

​• Irish Brew BBQ

​• Deswine Intervention

​• Pig Latin

​• Hogaddiction

​• Frey Part Deuce

Teams over $40K

​• Captain Porkenheimer

​• Bassets, Booze & BBQ

​• Sir Pork A Lot

​• Rugaroux Q

Teams over $30K

​• Lard and In Charge

​• Hoggystyle

​• Chew Forks Farms

​• Smokeshow Cook Squad

​• Devil Moon

​• Porkchopitoulas

​• Hupigs

​• Mazant National

​• Hog Dat Nation

Teams over $20K

​• Sweet Swine O’Mine

​• Piglit

​• Smokey Ridge BBQ

​• Swine Spectators

​• Chits & Piggles

​• Dirty D & The Thunder Pigs

​• Swineaux

​• That’ll Do Crew

​• Team Hamerica

​• Gooteeque

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